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How to make your partner love you in 3 different ways!

A lot of girls wondering how to make your partner love you even more because love is mystery for us , and I will tell you some tricks and hacks you should use with your partner to make him crazy about you ' first of all :

Use your FEMININE magic!

A lot of girls fall in love with a guy and consider him for granted, talk with him like he is your sister , not making any changes in her appearance for him , so that he forgets that you are his lover, and the sparkle GONE, but with little touches and makeover you will back to the game easily! you just need to wear a cute Sexy outfit and go for a date or a romantic dinner, let the sparkle do what you want it to do.

Caring but leave him his own space!

In "why men love bitches" book by Sherry Argov she talked about the difference between the girl who cares too much so that the guy leave her because she don't leave him a space to breath, and the girl who doesn't care ... the first girl will be a friend ... just a friend, but the second one will be his girlfriend, because she asks ONCE and doesn't repeat the question.

Now I hear you saying " I'm his girlfriend already, duh!" ok you have a point. but if you cared so much you will be his sister like that.

Don't require too many things from A man

The man is like a "Tarzan" he is wild, crazy and risky… he is a hunter! but in the same time he loves to be alone, I know that this is too much to handle but we didn't put the rules here girl. so he loves when he go and get you by his self, he loves when he begging for a date... he will feel his hunter feeling. so that let him decide that but with your own plan huh ;)

See you in the next Articles with more and more advices ... Avios!!

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يجب تسجيل الدخول لإضافة تعليق

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