Hands-on: Everything New in iOS 16 CarPlay.

Apple made extensive use of CarPlay at this year's WWDC keynote. Several modifications are in the works, some of which are imminent and others of which are planned for the future. Here's what's new with CarPlay and what we may expect to see in iOS 16

Apple has only released an early developer preview of iOS 16 so far. As a result, certain features may change and new functionality may be introduced by the final release


Take, for example, Maps. Apple announced a significant upgrade that would enable multi-stop trips. You may plan a journey from your house to a petrol station, a friend's house, a coffee shop, and finally to your final destination


These routes may be built on your Mac using macOS Ventura and then transmitted to your iPhone. CarPlay does not offer turn-by-turn guidance for certain routes in this first release. This, hopefully, will be included in the final release in the autumn of 2022

Enhancements to existing applications

Apple has improved existing CarPlay apps with iOS 16. Siri may now immediately send a message once it has been read back to you via Messages


Siri will require affirmative consent before delivering a message in iOS 15, which would slow down the process. It will deliver the message without your assistance as long as it is correct. If you need to update the message, a "change" button remains accessible on the CarPlay interface

With iOS 16, the Podcasts app will also receive a significant upgrade. It was previously severely restricted, unable to expose recent episodes. With this update, Apple has included a new library that makes it easier to access stored episodes as well as the most recent episodes of any programme you follow.


New application categories

Apple occasionally introduces new categories of CarPlay enabled applications. CarPlay apps are mostly navigation or music apps, with just a few other categories accessible to display in the UI. The iOS 16 upgrade includes support for two new categories of applications


Both the fuelling and driving operations are compatible with iOS 16, but you'll have to wait for the upgrade later this year. Fueling applications are available

Driving task applications are a little more diverse. Any applications that aid with chores while in the car, such as those that give toll rates/routes, road information, or towing assistance, might be added




A completely new CarPlay experience


The majority of consumers are pleased about the all-new CarPlay experience that Apple demonstrated at the event. Unfortunately, this will not happen anytime soon


CarPlay will be available on all of your car's screens beginning with models revealed in late 2023. Currently, it is confined to your primary centre console display and navigation direction in the centre of your instrument cluster. The future CarPlay will completely take over all displays, including extra dash displays

There are several fonts, themes, colours, and layouts to pick from in the instrument cluster. All while maintaining essential information like as speed, range, fuel levels, RPMs, and more. This is a degree of customisation that we don't see very frequently from Apple.

Widgets will be housed on large or broad displays. Apple includes widgets for your calendar, weather, music playing, time, journey information, and Home controls by default. This is also customisable.



The ability to handle your vehicle's systems straight from the CarPlay interface is our favourite feature. You won't have to leave CarPlay to change your car's air conditioning, heat the steering wheel, switch on your seat vents, or tune the radio

This is a significant divergence, and it is sure to give automakers pause. They don't get to emphasise their systems since they give CarPlay access to the full car.

According to Apple, automobiles will be introduced in late 2023, which means we won't see them in the wild until 2024. Apple revealed at WWDC that numerous major manufacturers have agreed to embrace this enhanced version of CarPlay.


This list featured Ford, Acura, Honda, Volvo, Land Rover, Nissan, and others. However, how many cars and how much assistance there will be remains to be seen.


Soon to be released

iOS 16 is presently available in developer beta. A public beta is set to be launched in July, followed by a complete release this fall. Keep an eye out



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