Generator Reactors

🛑 What do you know about generator reactors?  If you are the first time you hear about it, this article will give you a brief overview of the topic


 First, what is a generator or breeder reactor?


 📌 It is a nuclear reactor that produces electrical energy and also generates fissionable nuclear materials, and therefore we can say that this type of nuclear product produces more than it consumes.


 How does energy production happen?


 📌 When the nucleus of uranium-235 or platinum-239 often splits into two parts, the level of kinetic energy in them is 200 million electron volts mev, so the materials in each other are shocked and we start thermal energy.


 ❓ Does the issue provide us with cheaper energy?


 📌 I can tell you that these generating reactors need chemical treatment of radioactive materials, and this is far from other problems. In the end, the matter is expensive, and if we use it to produce electrical energy, it is not worth it.


 Globally, what is the level of interest in the subject?


 📌 In addition to special projects in interested countries that have programs to research and develop concepts related to generating reactors, among the most important initiatives are:

 The International Forum of the Fourth Generation of Reactors

 International Project on Nuclear Reactors and Innovative Fuel Cycles (Project INPRO)

 European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative


 Finally, after the world discovered nuclear, everything changed!




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