Will Messi and Argentina story will come to a happy end?


No one can actually say anything against Messi's talent in football even his haters know that he is one of the greatest players ever to play football, A man who won 40 championships and was effective in all of them, 7 Balon d'Ors & 6 Golden shoes. We all enjoy the ball in his feet as he can dribble, assist and score all in a very beautiful way. BUT THE ARGENTINIANS' vision towards Messi is different. 

Although Messi has just made them very happy by winning the Copa America 2021 with complete domination, They are still looking for another star on the Argentinian jersey. They always loved Maradona more because he brought them the World Cup in 1986, but Messi didn't add a star on the jersey. In World Cup 2014, Leo carried Argentina towards the finals but Argentina lost the final to Germany and Messi lost his dream to make his country super happy. 

The Argentinian people admire football like no other country, That's why they put pressure on Messi to put another star on the jersey. If you asked any Argentinian about who is the greatest player ever, 99% of THE ANSWER WOULD BE Maradona and that's not because Messi isn't as good as Maradona but because Maradona brought them a world cup in their history. So the next world cup is really important for Messi and his national team to make the Argentinians happier, It's maybe Messi's last dance as he is now 35 years old.

Will Messi lift the world cup? -Actually, Argentina's National Team now is really the favorite to win the world cup, They are unbeaten for 33 matches. Argentina's squad is now different than that in the World Cup 2014 and 2018. Argentina now got a coach who is really coaching the team towards the objectives in a calm way and it's not an easy thing to coach a team has Messi. Lionel Scaloni really managed the team very well and made them a strong squad that is combined with the top players and young players who wants to give everything for the t-shirt. Argentina now got a good goalkeeper that wants to sacrifice himself for Messi and his teammates. The Argentinian players want this world cup for Messi more than themselves. In this Argentina squad we can see the spirit and the hunger for the tournaments, they actually can go far in this World Cup and it is what every Messi fan is looking for. Messi hopes to change the look of every Argentinian fan him, maybe after an additional star on the t-shirt they would say that he is the best player ever even better than Maradona, And that's what we are going to wait for this World Cup 2022 in Qatar.


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