This month, Ontario unveils new rules on streetcar cameras, hydro prices, and fuel levies.

Fuel and gas :
In response to historically high fuel costs, the Ontario government modified the Fuel Tax Act and the Gasoline Tax Act. The province lowered the fuel tax rate, which includes diesel, by 5.3 cents per litre and its gasoline tax rate by 5.7 cents per litre.

The tax breaks are valid through December 31.

severe impairments :
In order to boost the financial aid given to families, the province declared that it is modifying the assistance for children with severe disabilities regulation.

According to officials, the province will instead raise the maximum rate from the existing $500 per month to $550 per month.

According to officials, the additional monies are meant to assist qualified families in paying for increased wages for personal and direct support workers.

Savings on power in Ontario :

Through the Ontario Electricity Rebate programme, the provincial government of Ontario is still reducing electricity rates.

The common areas of multi-unit complexes that are at least 50% residential will also be eligible, according to the province.

training for firefighters

In order to create minimum qualification requirements for firefighters, the Ontario government is developing a firefighter certification regulation under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. According to officials, this will help guarantee a more "uniform level of training" for firemen across the province.

Streetcar photography :

In order to permit towns to employ cameras on streetcars, the Ontario government stated it would modify the Highway Traffic Act.

According to officials, the intention is to enforce existing legislation that prohibits motor vehicles from driving by open streetcar doors.

increased penalties for risky workplaces :

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is being amended by the government to enhance the maximum fines that CEOs and directors of businesses that fail to provide a safe workplace and cause a worker to suffer a serious injury or pass away while working are subject to.

The government said in a press release that the new maximum fine, if convicted, would be $1.5 million, while the maximum fine for anyone else engaged in the case would be $500,000.





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